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Thursday, 21 February 2008
2nd road update
Mood:  a-ok
Well  I made it to Phoenix. Sitting in the Mesa library. Coming across the desert so far has been good. Putting in 55-60m days on I 10. Feeling better already as far as staying in the saddle all day. Weather has been great, wind's been with me. You don't even ponder the fact you're out in the middle of nowhere. Just do the water bottle math, keep a little chow on board and know you'll make it to the next oasis. Hit a Koa in Blythe, desert camped the next night and then made the outskirts of Phoenix. Can't worry about hurrying thru the big towns, it's too frustrating. taking it easy here today 2/21 then if the weather holds climb up to Superior and Globe over the Superstition Mountains. Should have some good declineing terrain all the way to Lordsburg NM. This is such a process of starting the day with the right attitude and keeping positive. It's just starting to hit me that I haven't been to work in awhile and that is helping. I ride my bicycle all day 8 or 9 am to dusk. No complaints about this choice so far. Hope everyone is well. catch you next time, somewhere in Texas.

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Monday, 11 February 2008
1st Road Entry
Mood:  not sure
Allright I made it brother Geoff's place in Highland near San Bernadino. It's been quite a week mentally and physically. The first few days it was raining and at night I just kept thinking about  home and how long I'll be gone. The weather has been great since and no wind issues. The bike (or "the rack") as I've begin to refer to it is performing flawlessly. Every few minutes you have to come up with a new reason to keep at it. This is mostly a mental game. The climb out of Bakersfield up to Tehachapi was a bear. 4000 ft climb. just turn up the music and keep pedaling. Been splitting the motels and camping, in Palmdale I spent a night stealth camping in a vacant lot beside a trailer park. Got up and  rode 70m from 3000 ft. over a 4800 ft. pass to make it to Highland. That first leg has taken me several days longer than I had thought but I must have thought I was in shape! Anyways chillin' here for a day, a short ride to Mom's in Hemet and spend a day there then start heading east again. My legs are sore, my right knee is aching, my ass is a whole 'nother story but I have flashes as the long days go by that I can do this. Just shut up and pedal. I loaded some pics but if it seems their just endless photos of far off horizons, that's pretty much the story so far. Thanks all, be cool and catch ya' next time.   Brian

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Thursday, 24 January 2008
Test blog
Mood:  chillin'

     Hi everyone.  Click over to 'view comments' to see the latest entries. Feel free to leave a comment.   Departure date as of today is a week away and whoo-boy it's getting weird.  "Adventure of a lifetime" is an overused phrase.  I'm feeling it for real.  Thanks for checking in, this is gonna' be cool.     Brian

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Updated: Thursday, 24 January 2008 8:52 PM PST

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